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  1. How do I get from OR Tambo airport in Johannesburg,  to the lodge? 
    Our team will collect you from the airport.

  2. Can my family join me on my trip? 
    Yes, our comfortable camps are equipped with all the modern amenities they may require. (Please see observer fees.)

  3. Do I need a malaria shot or any other shots? 
    The areas that we hunt in South Africa, is all Malaria free areas and no other shots are required for in South Africa.

  4. What documents will I need to enter into South Africa? 
    Confirm your passport and Visa expiry dates. (No Visas are required for USA citizens.)

      LETTER OF INVITATION – We will supply this letter once your safari is officially booked.

      CUSTOMS FORM 4457 – Exportation of Rifles.

      SAPS FORM 520 – Importation of Rifles.

      RETURN FLIGHT TICKETS – to your country of origin, or a copy of your itinerary (which we can provide on request).

  5. Is it safe to drink tap water in South Africa? 
     South Africa’s water supply is considered safe, but we do provide bottled water.

  6. When is the best time to book a South African hunting safari? 

      Beginning of April till end of October.

  7. How will I stay in contact with family and friends back home while I’m in South Africa? 

      Most of the areas we visit are well connected with phones and internet, where you can use wireless internet to stay in touch. 
international call feature on your cell phone will allow you to call out.  We also recommend you download Whatsapp,
      which makes it  easy to send photos and to make video calls to your family and friends.

  8. Do I have to bring my own rifle or can I use yours? 

      It is your choice, but we have rifles for rent at a low cost.

  9. What if I have a food allergy? 

      We send out food questionnaires before your safari, in order to make sure we are up to date with any allergies

      that anyone might have.

 10. How do I apply for my rifle permit? 

       We use a 3rd party who handles all the import/export of your rifles.  3-4 Months before your trip, they make contact with you.

 11. What happens to my trophies after I leave? 

       The taxidermy we use, African Artistry, collects all the trophies and take it to their premises, which is situated in the Free State.  

       From there, they make contact with you in order to get all the necessary instructions on what you would like to have
      done with your trophies, Dip and Pack them or Mount them.

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